Welcome to my project website

This site hosts pictures and information about my electronics projects, as well as some frequently asked questions.  Currently the project gallery contains my most recent project, a LEGO remote control car I made with an Arduino.  For more information about my project, or personal information please visit the FAQ, if your question is not answered there then contact me. My latest project can be seen below, more images are in the project gallery, along with information about the car.

Recently a tutorial on how to hack the controller for this project was featured on page 70 of  The MagPi issue 46.

Thank you for visiting this website, please contact me if you need information about the car that is not on this site. Your feedback is valuable.

My latest project, a LEGO RC car. For more information see the project gallery.

This site is hosted on an Insomnia 24/7 shell. More information about the shell can be found on their website, please do not contact me regarding the shell.