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What do I plan to add next?

I will add different controls for the LEDs (different brightness and possibly flashing, instead of just on and off.) and temperature sensors. I have added a Raspberry Pi and camera to the car, so a video feed from the car can be viewed on a laptop, and I have installed a much bigger battery with a higher voltage.

Can I have the source code?

Yes, you can get the source code (for the RC car itself or the controller) from me on request, by contacting me using the link on the sidebar. I will give either links to a pastebin, or a zip file, whatever you prefer.

Why did you choose the LEGO 9398?

Although it does have a problem with falling over due to the battery raising the centre of gravity, the 9398 is a stable platform with 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel drive, and as it is LEGO other LEGO parts can be added to hold batteries, sensors, connectors etc in place. Also the 9398 was readily available to me, as I had recently assembled it.

Where did you get the controller from?

From a remote control car made by Artin. I have looked on their website and Amazon, and was unable to find the product number or where to purchase it from. As I got it many years ago I'm sure it is no longer produced, however a similar remote control should work. Please contact me if you are trying to build something like this yourself and need to know how I did it.

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